2 Broke Girls 1.15 “And the Blind Spot” Review

2 Broke Girls - And the Blind Spot2 Broke Girls cleans up with its latest “And the blind spot” from its first season, which sees Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) attempting to join the cleaning service of their new upstairs neighbor Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), while re-evaluating their friendship. “And the Blind Spot” is more of the same of what we’ve come to expect from 2 Broke Girls, which doesn’t bode well for upcoming episodes.

Ugh. UGH. I want to like 2 Broke Girls, I really do, and I’m of the belief that no one should write about things they intrinsically abhor, though I always like to challenge things to be better rather than dismiss them entirely. I’ve never liked the three-camera sitcom as long as I’ve given critical thought to them* and given CBS’status as the most watched network in America I’d be hard-pressed to dismiss their regularly dominating entertainment, but that doesn’t mean I can always stay silent about it.

(*) I do love early season Friends and Seinfeld of course, but these were of a youthful sitcom golden age where there wasn’t such a breadth of unique storytelling in the hour-long and single-camera sitcom genres, at least in my pantheon.

I’m not a tremendous fan of How I Met Your Mother either, but at least time-jumping and multi-layered efforts like tonight’s ‘The Burning Beekeeper’remind me that good directors and writers can do quite a bit with dated formats, even if people have mixed reactions to the result. Thankfully, I’ve never even attempted to watch a single episode of Two and a Half Men, and thus consider myself ignorant of the depths of the barrel CBS scrapes for sitcom comedy, but 2 Broke Girls runs a sizable risk now and again.

We haven’t seen any fresh 2 Broke Girls since mid-January, and even that was on the heels of the rather fervent tongue-lashing the show received at the TCA press tour, which made it rather difficult to honestly evaluate the appearance of Jennifer Coolidge in her multi-episode arc as the girls’upstairs neighbor and head of a cleaning woman ring that could afford them additional work. Participating in multiple episodes, Coolidge’s arrival was met with mixed reception, though we only really saw a few short minutes of what Jennifer Coolidge might bring to the troubled series, all things considered. The horribly-accented Polish character felt all-too-in keeping with the show’s regrettably racist humor, but still afforded some room toward what direction upcoming episodes might take.

2 Broke Girls - And the Blind SpotWell, we’re now into the second episode focusing on Sophie’s presence in the girls’lives, and things haven’t gotten any better. The heart of 2 Broke Girls (yes, in its 14 episodes) lies in the strong bond forged between Max and Caroline’s polar opposites, and the dream they share of reaching notoriety through their fledgling business idea, in particular the chemistry between Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs. And while a million shippers’heads regularly explode at the mere thought of lesbian subtext between Max and Caroline, I have a rather hard time believing in the notion that a relatively new character like Sophie should have any impact on Max’s view of the dynamic between the two. Sophie seems keen on insisting that Caroline represents a ‘rock’to Max’s ‘balloon’based solely on the former’s cleaning skills, but what we’ve seen of Caroline thus far belies any indication that the former rich-girl should be seen as incompetent or lacking value.

In fact, Caroline seems to receive the brunt of the mis-characterization tonight, being portrayed as alternately clumsy, undereducated and bigoted tonight, odd considering what strides 2 Broke Girls has taken with regard to shying her character away from the ditzy blonde stereotype. I’d be wary of looking for value in any show that portrays French-kissing corpses and racist metaphors within the same breath, but oddly enough I expect better from 2 Broke Girls than this nonsense.

And Another Thing…

  • We knew that the Oleg / Sophie pairing would arrive, but I appreciate the dynamic created in that she manages to tame his racist/sexist caricature somewhat.
  • Several instances tonight of the writers wasting time on Sophie pointing out Max’s dirty humor reminded me of how Family Guy ruined the trope with Fouad.
  • A, why do the girls need that much money for a decent looking website, considering how cheaply people accomplish that these days? And B, why wouldn’t a smart girl like Max think an upstart business absolutely needs a website to get off the ground?
  • I understand Caroline’s heels as somewhat intrinsic to the character’s image, but why would anyone, Max or Caroline dress so well for cleaning gigs? The hired help I’ve seen changes into sweats upon their arrival.
  • To be fair, I’ve never thought to shut off a toilet valve in case of overflow.
  • Not only was I offended at Caroline’s ill-reacted to having an overweight client with modeling pictures of himself, but can you imagine flipping the gender roles in hers, Max, and Sophie’s reactions to the unconscious Abercrombie model? What a horribly sexist and uncomfortable double-standard.
  • I don’t care what tricks you’ve learned over the years. If someone appears to have overdosed, YOU CALL 9-1-1 AND DON’T ATTEMPT REVIVAL YOURSELF.

Ugh. What did YOU think?

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