24: Live Another Day is FOX’s Most Popular Show Besides American Idol


Some interesting ratings have come in for FOX, ones that span the last thirty days of programming, rather than just whatever was on last night. They reveal that even perhaps there hasn’t been much ratings buzz about 24: Live Another Day, it current is the network’s second most popular show at 15.6 million viewers, sandwiched between two days of American Idol, Wednesday(17.8 million) and Thursday (13.8 million). Granted, it’s summer so competition may not be exactly fierce, but that does put 24 ahead of other FOX mainstays like Family Guy, Hell’s Kitchen, Glee and even the immortal Bones.

The ratings take into account ALL viewings for a show over thirty days, and as such 24 got a big bump from DVR, VOD, streaming and re-run viewing to land the number two spot. The largest question about 24: Live Another Day has been if it was going to be a one-off miniseries for FOX, a way to bring Jack Bauer back for one last hurrah. Now, it seems they may have found a new spot for it in summer where it’s free of the bloated 24 episode requirement as its past seasons. Even though 24 ran for nearly a decade, everyone seemed more than thrilled to return for another go, and viewers have obviously been excited as well. I have little down that FOX is crafting a new minseries concept and subtitle, even as we speak.

I’m not sure 24 is the revolutionary show it once was, but it does fill a void that had never really gone away after it went off the air, and to this day there is still no better TV action hero than Jack Bauer. Some things never change.

[Photo via FOX]

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