24: Live Another Day Gets a Super Bowl Teaser Trailer

I’m not really much of a sports fan, so the most exciting part of the evening for me was hearing those famous 24 “beeps” once again. FOX debuted a few teasers for the upcoming miniseries, but the one above was the longest. It shows downtown London in a state of chaos with Jack Bauer helping an injured Chloe through the streets.

Chloe was practically the only recurring character on the show NOT killed off by the end of the series other than Jack, so hopefully she will indeed through 24: Live Another Day. Here, she’s got something of a Lisbeth Salander look going, which I hardly think is an accident.

I think the Bauer scream at the end is a little bit goofy, but it’s just so awesome to see Keifer Sutherland back in the role, I don’t even care. I think a shortened miniseries is the PERFECT way for the show to return to air, rather than say, a two hour movie or a full 24 episode season which easily could have felt bloated. I’m really looking forward to Live Another Day, and you should be too if you call yourself a fan.

Check out the trailer above, and see the other shorter teaser here.

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