What To Expect Out Of New 24 Series

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I really loved the pacing and anxiety that went along with watching all the episodes of the original run of 24. It was a panic inducing show that never allowed the audience to stop and catch their breath, even for a moment.  I will admit, though. By the end, I was pretty burnt out on all of it. The double crosses and kills and plot twists and violence. It was a fun ride, but I was okay with seeing it end when it did. Thing is, I hear 24 is coming back and my ears perk up. Seems the time between gave me some time to rest, and now I am all pumped and ready for the return of Jack Bauer. So what should we expect this time around?

Well, the first thing to expect from a new 24 is a new 24. This one takes place four years after the older one, and this time around, is set in London. This opens up a host of new political possibilities, and gives us a great backdrop and setting for a whole new story. This also means we should be prepared for new faces and new enemies. This does not mean we wont see some character faves, but it is important to remember, this is 24, through and through.

It should also be said that light-hearted Jack is all but gone. I mean, he never really existed. But in the first few moments of the first season of the first run of 24, he seemed somewhat grounded. I think the best part about 24 was seeing just how serious his downward spiral into violence (albeit necessary violence) was. Expect this 24 to begin with an angrier Jack.

This basically means you will be holding your breath the whole time you watch this show. Which is why we like it in the first place.

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