Kiefer Sutherland Resurrects Jack Bauer for Commercial…Hilarity Ensues

24 character Jack Bauer was defined by his intensity.  He went after the bad guys with single-minded determination, little-to-no bathroom breaks and a distinct lack of smiles.  That was good for the country and bad for the terrorists, but apparently he has a hidden skill we knew nothing about: cupcake baking.  Of course, since this is Jack Bauer, he takes cupcake baking to a whole new extreme.

To advertise a new Acer Ultrabook laptop, the company hired Kiefer Sutherland to put his Jack Bauer hat back on and get into the cupcake business.  We’re not entirely certain how the cupcakes and Ultrabook go together, but it sure is amusing to watch.  Check it out below.

Update: It seems that Acer has taken down the commercial :( I’m trying to find another one and will post as soon as it becomes available.

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  • nope

    if one of you watched it previously.. enter about:cache in to the browser and try and look for a high bit FLV file