You Only Have Six Days to Catch Up on Eight Seasons of 24 on Netflix


The final, final season of 24 is coming in the form of the  “Live Another Day” miniseries coming back to FOX this spring. This may inspire some of you to get back into the show, watching old seasons, or maybe even watch it for the first time.

Well, hurry up.

If you were planning on doing so via Netflix, you don’t have very long. Their contract with FOX for 24 runs out April 1st, and all eight seasons of the show will be taken down from the streaming service. We often think that stuff is going to be on Netflix forever, but that’s almost never the case, as these deals are almost always for a limited time only, usually months or years. Contracts have to be constantly renegotiated and for now, that means no more 24.

Soooo where is 24 headed and why did it leave? Well, the answer to both questions is Amazon. 24 will now be available on Amazon Prime’s streaming service after April 1st, so you’ll have to switch over to that if you want to get your fix ahead of Live Another Day. To be fair, Prime is pretty great itself, and totally worth the money for more than just streaming, in my opinion.

[Photo via Daniel Smith/FOX]

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