90210 Photos & Promo: Celebrating Thanksgiving in Episode 4.10

90210 Season 4 Episode 10In this week’s 90210, Annie convinced Dixon to go into rehab. He lamented about the huge cost, but Annie was determined to get her brother some help. After seeing Patrick with another woman in Las Vegas, she confronted him about it. He flat out told her that she’s special to him, but still an escort. At first she was upset by this, but later she decided to keep dating and sleeping with him for money so she could pay for Dixon’s rehab. In other words, Annie’s basically a real hooker at this point.

After Silver accidentally sent Teddy’s “wedding” video to Marissa, the candidate released the tape to ruin Teddy’s uncle’s campaign. Teddy thought his boyfriend had leaked the tape and was furious at him, but Silver realized her mistake.

Liam decided to sign up as a model for a cologne. But he was very sad to learn his contract stated he couldn’t engage in any dangerous acts. When he and Teddy got caught racing, Liam broke his leg while Teddy got arrested. Liam is not indentured to his agent after breaking his leg, while Teddy got very angry with Silver when she confessed the video snafu.

The 90210 gang celebrates Thanksgiving in the November 22 episode, titled “Smoked Turkey”. Dixon seems determined to start a relationship with Adrianna, who isn’t very receptive to the idea. Ivy and Raj argue and their relationship suffers for it. Liam decides to throw a thanksgiving dinner for the group, but plans might be derailed when an unexpected guest shows up to crash the party. Finally, Naomi continues to go to extremes to prove herself to Austin.

Watch a trailer below for the November 22 episode of 90210.

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