90210 Photos: Season 4 Premiere “Up In Smoke”

Clarissa August 29, 2011 0

90210 is one of the first shows premiering in September – on Tuesday, September 13 at 8:00 p.m. to be exact. The show is moving to a new night and will be paired with the new series Ringer.

The CW has released details and photos for the season 4 premiere episode. Here’s what we know: high school is over on 90210. Naomi has apparently spent the summer dealing with her surprising pregnancy announcement from the season 3 finale. She also walks into college expecting to be the queen bee, only to find out that she’s significantly lower on the social ladder at CU than she was at West Beverly High. Annie, who was supposed to head to Carnegie Mellon, gets some unexpected news that forces her to stay in Los Angeles. Liam, who has been away all summer, returns home and is determined to make a commitment to Annie.

Dixon is going through his own transition and is currently homeless and without a roommate. Navid and Silver move in together, but an unexpected visitor (spoiler alert..…..it’s Navid’s sister) causes some trouble. Adrianna, meanwhile, is seeking redemption after her heinous actions last season. Ivy and Raj are waiting on news about Raj’s health and Teddy is working on coming out to his family.

Updated: Read our big collection of spoilers for season 4 before tonight’s season premiere.

The episode was written by new showrunners Patti Carr and Lara Olsen. To watch the trailer for season 4, click here.