ABC Cancels Mind Games After Five Episodes

mind games

ABC has just axed Mind Games after five episodes, marking the third short lived entry in their Tuesday 10PM slot after Lucky 7 and  Killer Women failed to deliver.  It’s also the third strike for show creator Kyle Killen, whose last two shows, Lone Star and Awake, were killed early as well.

Mind Games simply never caught on. It’s demo ratings were low from the start at 1.1, and dropped to a ridiculously low 0.6 in the most recent episode. The show will now be replaced by Resurrection reairs and Celebrity Wife Swap until they figure out what to put there.

ABC has found great success with Resurrection so far, and I expect a renewal announcement will be coming some time soon. The show has struck a nerve, touching on issues of loss and redemption, and the drama might be their new big hit, if it maintains its level of quality.

Are you sorry to see Mind Games go? Killed too soon, or probably for the best?

[Photo via Jean Whiteside/ABC]

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  • Stephie59

    I saw the pilot and didn’t like it too much, not so much because of Slater, but because of the Zach character. I’m sorry for Slater though. He really can’t seem to catch a break. I loved him in His Own Worst Enemy, The Forgotten, and Breaking In. I don’t know why those shows didn’t work, but I suspected this one wasn’t going to work either. Guess I called it, but wish I was wrong.

  • LexiH89

    I loved the show. I can’t believe they cancelled it after only a few episodes. I so wanted to see more of the relationship between the two brothers and the background there. It’s kind of like Supernatural that way and Supernatural is going on season 10. It also reminded me of Breaking In, which I also loved and was cancelled too soon. Slater’s characters in Breaking In and Mind Games were both manipulative, but it came across in a different light because one was a comedy and this was a drama, which was interesting to me. It also reminded me of Elementary. I think it would have better ratings if they just marketed the right way to the right audience.