ABC Renews Nashville for Season 2, Cancels Malibu Country

NashvilleABC has began its renewal and cancellation announcements for next season by revealing the fates of two freshman programs. Musical drama Nashville will live to sing another day, as the network has given it a second season, while Reba McEntire comedy Malibu Country has been canceled after an 18-episode run.

Nashville seemed to have everything this season but robust live ratings, making its position at the network less secure than one would think. There was the ancillary income from music sales and a potential tour, strong DVR ratings, awards attention, (initial) critical interest, and a highly marketable cast that has participated in several promotional tie-ins. However, the show never broke out during its 21-episode first season and reportedly was on the way out earlier this season before ratings picked up to current levels. The only question now is whether it stays on Wednesday nights or if the network uses it for another night, possibly Sundays.

Meanwhile, freshman comedy Malibu Country was squeezed out due to soft ratings. The comedy, which featured McEntire moving her family from Nashville to California for a post-divorce fresh start at life, was a decent companion for Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing and ended the season on enough of an up note that renewal was a possibility. The network had been rumored to be considering a 2013 TGIF lineup, but if they’re still going that route, they must have really been dissatisfied with Malibu Country‘s ratings. There’s a chance that this year, they won’t expand and they’ll simply sub in a new multi-cam behind Last Man Standing.

ABC is set to reveal its 2013-2014 schedule on Tuesday, May 14th.

Do you think ABC should move Nashville to another night? Is cancelling Malibu Country a smart move? How do you think ABC Fridays will look next season?

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  • Jake

    “Malibu Country” performed better on Fridays than “The Neighbors” did on Wednesday with a fraction of the promo load and lead-in support. And, PS, more people watched MC than Nashville. Poor choice, ABC.

  • kim hughes

    Cancelling Malibu country was a B-I-G mistake!!! Friday nites are tough on any show because of football (in the fall) and because lots of people go out on Friday nites! Malibu country got great ratings in spite of all of that- ABC has really messed up this time! lots of disappointed people out there!!!

  • Kaitlynn

    ABC made the BIGGEST mistake that any station has ever made, they canned a perfectly good show, Malibu Country was destined to be a success, but no they didn’t see it, they just chopped their own ratings. So long ABC, after pulling this stupid stunt, I’m DONE WITH YOU

  • Charlie

    ABC did the stupidist move ever. They are asking to share rating for last place with NBC. ABC will be asking Reba and Malibu Country to come crawling begging please on their knees but if they wanna ever hear from them they can Turn On A Radio! At least they kept Nashville.

  • Aldridge Darin

    Loved Malibu Country! I will no longer support ABC after cancelling MB and making a mockery out of Revenge in season two. Just Dumb.

  • elisabeth

    Sorry but canceling Malibu country was the right thing to do. It sucked. I watched each episode and hoped it would get better. It didn’t. The first scene in the first episode was funny. Reba and Lily were funny but the supporting characters weren’t.

    Then at the end when the neighbor was pregnant all of the sudden she wasn’t and there was no baby and no explanation as to what happened. That’s where they lost me. Many shows have done this in the past, but usually they pull that stunt of droping a storyline in the later seasons when people lose interest. That’s where they went wrong.

  • Tina

    OMG! I’m SO happy to hear they kept Nashville. I love that show!

    If they want to know why the ratings never took off, perhaps it’s because it was never on consistently! One week it’s on, then it’s not for 2 weeks. One more week on and then a skipped week. I would realize it was wed. Get excited to watch a new episode, only to find out it wasn’t on. :P