Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan Will Star in ABC’s Selfie


In my estimation, Karen Gillan’s Amy Pond was the best thing about the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who, and I’m frankly surprised we haven’t seen her in more since her departure. Well, now she’s heading across the ocean to star in a new ABC pilot called “Selfie.”

It’s from Suburgatory’s Emily Kapnek and according to EW: “The single-cam comedy, said to be inspired by My Fair Lady, centers on a self-obsessed 20-something woman named Eliza Dooley (Gillan), who is more concerned with “likes” than being liked. In the pilot, a video of her very public and humiliating breakup goes viral and she enlists the help of a marketing expert at her company to help repair her tarnished image.”

Sounds interesting, and relevant to the self-obsessed masses (of which I am one of, I’ll admit). I wonder if Gillan will be keeping her accent, or if she’ll try and mask it like Rebel Wilson for Super Fun Night. I’m hoping the former, as the latter has the potential to not go too well.

Gillan also appears in the just-released trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, the new oddball Marvel superhero movie (which is why she shaved her head), so she has been somewhat busy in her time away from the Doctor.

[Photo via David M. Benett/Getty]

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