Jimmy Kimmel’s China Controversy Sparks Nationwide Protests


I thought we were done with this Jimmy Kimmel China Controversy story, but it still has legs, and still has a lot of people upset. To recap, Kimmel did a segment where he asked children how to fix our nation’s problems. When he asked one six year-old child how to eliminate the national debt, he said that we should “kill everyone in China.”

Obviously, this created some uproar at the time, and ABC pulled the clip and Kimmel apologized for it on air. But as recently as this weekend, hundreds of Chinese Americans swarmed ABC headquarters in Burbank to protest, and there have also been gatherings Raleigh, Boston and Phoenix.

Again, it was a bad idea to run the segment, but the kid was six, and even still I’m not convinced he wasn’t saying we should kill the people we owe money to, not kill a group of people for being a certain race. I mean that’s not much better, but there’s a distinction.

I’m not quite sure what the protest groups are looking for past the segment being stripped from the internet and a direct apology from Kimmel, which has already happened. When I first read these headlines, I thought that something new had happened, but it’s the original controversy still drawing ire. Kimmel has also met privately with some of these groups to hear their concerns, but I’m not quite sure what the ultimate answer is going to be here.

[Photo ABC/Randy Holmes]

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