Zach Braff Returns to TV Directing and Producing Garage Bar for ABC

Paul October 25, 2012 0

Zach Braff will forever be known for his role as JD on Scrubs, but since that show ended, we haven’t heard all that much from him (unless you follow him on Twitter). But that doesn’t mean he’s not been hard at work.

Braff is actually now returning to TV for Garage Bar, a comedy series for ABC. What’s it all about?

“The endeavor will follow a group of friends that get along great, until fame causes some problems in the group’s dynamics. This is because one member of the group becomes a popular musical act.”

Word has it the idea was pitched to multiple networks before going to ABC, and Braff has a proven track record that will be tested  here. I’m still not clear on whether or not he’s starring in the show along with writing, producing and directing it. That’s quite a lot of hats.

Do you think this sounds good? Have you been missing Braff on TV lately?