How Has Adventure Time Continued To Blow My Mind For Years?

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When I began watching Adventure Time years ago, it was just a fluke. A friend had it on in the background while a bunch of us were hanging out. I took note of the awesome character design and wonderful colors, as well as just how imaginative it all was. It really blew my mind. From that moment forth, I was a big fan. And though the show has had its great moments and it’s so-so moments, the recent story line with (SPOILER ALERT) Finn finding his Dad and losing his arm has blown my mind and made me fall more in love with the show then ever before? So how do they do it? How does a show about talking candy keep a grown man entranced?

Well, it is one of two things for sure. One, either I am an idiot who is easily amused by shiny things (which there is realistically a 40% of), or these guys (and gals) who create this show are genius. This is a layered and nuanced universe, hidden behind the guise of cute and sweet. I think the very best thing about Adventure Time is that it tricks people. It tricks people who look at it into thinking it is for kids. It tricks people into thinking it may be simple. It tricks people into thinking these are not intense and often heart-breaking stories about relationships failing and finding yourself.

The reality is, a huge world and mythos is being created by Adventure Time. A mythos that will continue to reveal its true self to us over time, and I am prepared to continue to be blown away by what those of us who look deep enough can find.

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    Such an awesome show!