When Did Kid’s Cartoons Get So Insane?

adventure time

So it was in between watching the talking pizza slice fly through space on a rainbow colored fart cloud of a tiger and watching a small man open his mouth and his tongue have his the same face as him and start talking that it hit me. Kid’s cartoons have gotten insane. I don’t just mean slightly insane, like some classics like Animaniacs. I mean full-on insane. Inanimate objects talking and candy eating candy and it all looks and feels like some fevered dream a diabetic would have. So when did this happen and why?

I mean, just looks at shows like Adventure Time and Uncle Grandpa and it is clear to see, weird has won when it comes to kid’s cartoons. But I am one of the “adults” who does not think this is a bad thing. We live in a world where children seem to be encouraged to use their imaginations less and less. They have apps that do it all for them now. So to see there are daft kids shows that require a certain level of A.D.D and insanity to truly appreciate, it makes me happy. Kids need to be kids. Part of that is laughing at the absurd and thinking of things far outside the realm of reality. It is shows like this that help kids in the current world do that.

Truth is, creativity breeds creativity. If you think all of this stuff is weird, just wait ten to fifteen years for when the kids who have been watching all this stuff end up making some stuff of their own. Now THAT stuff will be absolutely insane.

[Photo via Cartoon Network]

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