Agents of SHIELD Puts Up Big Ratings for ABC

shield5Well, it was one of the most anticipated shows of the fall, and it turns out the hype wasn’t  just hype. People actually tuned into Agents of SHIELD, and showed up in big numbers for the premiere.

Nielsen reports SHIELD had a 12.12M viewer night overall with a 4.7/14 the 18-49 key demographic. It ended up being ABC’s best Tuesday opening in three years, a highly competitive night for the network up against NBC’s The Voice.

The 4.7 in the 18-49 makes it the best premiere in that category since 2009’s V, which is particular impressive given the current state of TV, DVRs, streaming and so on. It’s rare that new records are made on broadcast TV these days.

I found the show to be sufficiently engrossing to tune into next week, and we’ll soon hear from our official reviewer, Chris King, about what he thought of the pilot. It’s certainly very Whedon-ish, which works for me. I just hope it doesn’t become too procedural in format as time goes on.

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