Agents of Shield to Get Whedon Favorite Amy Acker


There are some things that just go better together. Sweet and salty. A scary movie and a dark house. Amy Acker and anything by Joss Whedon. Seriously, those two just have a cosmic energy, and any fan of Whedon (and Acker) knows it.  We may all remember her best from Angel, but let us not forget, Cabin in the Woods, too, among others. Well, good news for fans of these two, as it seems Amy Acker is joining Agents of Shield.

As TV Line reported, Amy Acker will be joining the cast of Agents of Shield as (SPOILER ALERT) Agent Coulson’s cellist girlfriend at the time of his death. The sad part is, Acker is only set to guest star in one spot for now. The thing is, this show is so intense and jumps on timelines so much, that you would not be surprised to find her down the road as a show regular, which I do hope happens. Amy Acker is one of those actresses who just seems completely sweet and humble. Like you could just walk up to her and say hello and she would say it right back. You cannot say that for most stars in Hollywood. That must be why Joss Whedon gets along with her so well. Because they are both just normal, regular people, despite other people seeing them as anything but.

The Amy Acker episode of Marvel’s Agents of Shield will air on April 22nd.

[Photo via Mark Davis/Getty]

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