Agents of SHIELD Will Clean Up Thor 2’s Mess


Though we were promised Agents of SHIELD existing in the larger Marvel universe unlike say, the separate stories of Smallville, Arrow and the DC Films, that hasn’t really come to fruition yet. Sure, there are plenty of references flying around, but no actual involvement in the Marvel movie universe.

That should change, as an upcoming episode of Agents of SHIELD will be spent cleaning up after the events of Thor 2 which will have consequences on Earth, not just Asgaard. As the film obviously isn’t out yet, we don’t know what exactly these consequences will be, but they’re said to threaten to “destroy a member of the team.”

Thor opens November 8th, and the SHIELD episode will air on November 19th. It is being said that zero actors from Thor 2 will be appearing in the episode.

So, how does this work. Does this mean that you pretty much have to see Thor 2 in order to know what’s going on in Agents of SHIELD? Though I figure if people are still watching SHIELD at this point, they’re probably the type of be first in line at Thor 2.

Glad to see some crossover, but now we have to see how effective it actually is, and cross our fingers for a secret Hemsworth cameo.

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