Some Major Spoiler Speculation About Agents of SHIELD

Remy Carreiro September 26, 2013 Comments Off

Disney Media Networks International UpfrontsIt seems the show most people seem to be talking about so far this Fall is Agents of Shield, and with good reason, the show was amazing. Great cast, stellar production, and that wacky, pop culture sense of humor that just reeks of Joss Whedon. But as much as everyone is talking about this wonderful show, seems there is one thing most people are leaving out. Just a simple comment that was made in the first episode about Agent Coulson, and for whatever reason, no one is touching it. Well, we plan on touching it. If you have not seen the show yet, and or don’t want any potential spoilers, you may want to stop reading now.


Agent Coulson is a clone.

Now understand, I don’t know this as a fact, but it was pretty easy to put together from all the evidence they handed us. One, Coulson died during the Avengers movie. Two, he walked out of the shadows in the first episode of Agents of Shield and claimed they told the Avengers he was dead so it would further provoke them into battle, when in actuality, Coulson was wounded, but was sent to an island to recover (and chill). It seemed solid enough, but then when he left the room, they spoke openly about how “Coulson doesn’t know, and can NEVER know” what really  happened that day. To me, that says one thing and one thing only. Agent Coulson did die, and they cloned him, and a story arc in this series is going to be him figuring out that he is a clone, and really freaking out about it because he had no idea.

Again I may be way off, but usually, I am pretty spot on about these things. Reality is, clone or not, Agent Coulson is amazing and big part of why Agents of Shield is destined to be such a big hit, and I am looking forward to finding out just how right (or wrong) I may be about this one.

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