Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1.15 Review: “Yes Men”


It can’t be denied that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has had a lot of Asgard presence this season, prior to this episode. Could this be a hint to who the Clairvoyant is? Maybe, but for now, we have to say that “Yes Men” is one of the series’ finest episodes as of yet.

With the special appearance of Marvel’s Lady Sif (played by fan favorite and the magnificent Jaimie Alexander), this wasn’t just a fun episode, but a rich one as well. We also get the introduction of Marvel’s Lorelei (played by the talented Elena Satine), the sister of Thor villain, Enchantress and for her live action debut, it was a pretty good one. While we were hoping for an Enchantress name drop, Satine’s character was still intriguing and done in a believable way that makes you feel that she could work in a movie.

Lorelei’s control over Ward and Fitz were both hilarious as well as intriguing. We really didn’t find Fitz that intimidating when he was under her control. He was just hysterically funny, especially when he discovered that Simmons had managed to get out. Ward’s behavior however was more dramatic and intriguing as we learn that he told Lorelei who he had been in love before her and that it wasn’t May. This is the first time that we actually see May get hurt by someone that she cared for and that gave us a great performance from Ming-Na Wen throughout the rest of “Yes Men”. We got some of the show’s best fight scenes, although they really need to start consider doing more of the action stuff outside the bus because it’s challenging when you are in such a tight environment.

Lady Sif and Coulson had a lot of great scenes together and the one that we looked very deep into was the conversation about Coulson still being alive and reminding us once again that Thor (as well as all of the Avengers) still doesn’t know that. We may be looking too much into this, but we believe that Coulson saying that he wants to be the one to tell Thor, is a potential tease that The Avengers: Age of Ultron may actually feature Coulson after all, regardless of what Joss Whedon has said.

Last week we saw that Coulson discovered a mysterious blue creature and the internet speculation has been endless ever since then. During this episode, Lady Sif lists some potential species that this blue alien could be and one of them was the Kree which a lot of people are speculating is the case. It was also good to see Coulson tell Skye that she had been injected with the GH325 that comes from the blue creature. If you think about it, she and Coulson are now connected regarding the same issue as they both have it in their systems. Coulson’s line of screwing protocols and doing it their way, keeps up with their current “Uprising” marketing.

Overall, “Yes Men”, this was a phenomenal episode as it proves once again that the writers and show-runners are definitely starting to turn a lot of things around. This show no longer feels like a procedural show and finally is the serialized show that we always wanted it to be.

We have a clearer focus now more than, the characters are more believable as a team and family now. But most of all, the show is allowing itself to become more Marvel-y whether it’s introducing new characters from the comics like Deathlok, Lorelei or bringing in established characters from the movies like Nick Fury or Lady Sif.

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