SHIELD Creator Jim Steranko Rags On ABC Show

Paul December 12, 2013 0


Jim Steranko is one of the most celebrated writer/artists who has handled Marvel’s Nick Fury and SHIELD properties. He’s watched the new Avengers spin-off show, and isn’t too pleased with the direction it’s going. In short, too much emotion, not enough action.

“Have I just developed a severe allergic reaction to soap or must I accept being flayed to smithereens by every soporific, on-screen character’s romantic history?” Steranko wrote. “Sufferin’ Succotash! I tuned in Agents of SHIELD and got As The World Turns!”

While that may be a bit cheesy, Steranko does go on to make some good points about how SHIELD should be one of a few things, but really fails to be any:

“It’s obvious by episode 10 that the SHIELD audience is looking for explosive, fast-moving, plot-twisting, high-tech adventure. And not getting it,” Steranko wrote. “And perhaps it’s equally obvious that the Whedon audience is looking for complex character studies and mega-issues. And not getting it. Both directions are valid, but combining them successfully may be as vexing as reading the definitive study of quantum mechanics in a hammock during a hurricane.”

Lastly, Steranko makes an odd turn and blames the emotional blathering on the show on the women associated with recent episodes like this week’s “The Bridge.”

“Could the avalanche of terminal touchy-feely have anything to do with the fact that the ep was exec produced by a woman (Maurissa Tancharoen), scribed by a woman (Shalisha Francis), and directed by a woman (Holly Dale)?” Steranko asked. “Or am I sexist scum for even asking?”

Welllll you don’t come off very well Jim, I’ll say that. Obviously women can’t make action movies or complex character studies, am I right guys? Guys? Yeah, you kind of lost us there, but the criticism that came before that I see as certainly valid.

[Photo via Justin Lubin/ABC]