Almost Human 1.11 Review: ”Disrupt”

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by Andy Behbakht

This week’s episode of Almost Human was a lot better than last week’s, especially with the case that they were dealing with. The scene where we saw the couple dying felt like a classic horror movie, especially with the holographic butler.

Something that we have commented on throughout the season is that it’s rare to see several of the characters together in the same scene. “Disrupt” made these characters feel like a team this week and maybe that is something that we need to see more of.

While the biggest strength with the show is the relationship between Dorian and John, it doesn’t hurt when we actually see characters like Rom and Valerie joining them. Should the show get a second season, maybe the writers can consider making a team of these people. The team focus was actually one of the reasons why the case of the week was more interesting this time.

The highlight of them working together was seeing John and Valerie dressing up as a cover on the party for the hackers. However, before we talk about anything else, we need to get one thing straight.

Was that Karl Urban wearing eyeliner that we saw? Because if so, he looked awesome in it and in addition, maybe Valerie should consider going purple? She sure looked good in that color.

They went a lot of deeper into Dorian this week than they have in any of their previous episodes. This is something that they have been doing a couple of times this season and perhaps the only thing that can be seen as an overall storyline. While we did get something personal from John last week, the writers have managed to make anything personal with Dorian far more intriguing.

Even though we aren’t exactly sure where the writers are going with Dorian, the fact that we saw those flashes of him as a kid playing with toys is fascinating.

Overall, “Disrupt” was a slightly more interesting episode this week and with only two episodes remaining, it’s going to be fascinating to see how they will conclude this season.

While the ratings for the past two weeks have dropped a bit, we need to remember that it’s because of the Olympics and hopefully, FOX will understand it as well when they decide whether to renew the show or not.

Be aware that if we don’t hear anything right after the season finale, there is no need to get disappointed because it doesn’t mean that the show won’t come back. Almost Human is most likely one of the shows whose fate FOX will announce at the upfronts in May.

In the show’s defense, the DVR numbers have been quite positive and that is definitely something that FOX has taken notice of.

However, the show definitely needs to change its structure from procedural into serialized because that could be one of the reasons why the numbers have been going up and down.

Almost Human airs on Monday nights, 8/7c on FOX.

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