FOX Cancels Almost Human

almost human1

In a move that should surprise few, FOX has officially decided to cancel Almost Human. The high concept cop drama was a very cool look at the possible future of police procedurals, but likely cost a pretty penny with lots of futuristic special effects and A-list star Karl Urban to boot.

And the problem was it was just that, another police procedural. I think many went in hoping a revival of Fringe, but instead all they got was future-case-of-the-week and a lot of Robocop/Blade Runner homages. It certainly didn’t help that FOX aired the episodes out of order, but outside of the chemistry between the show’s two leads, I would argue that even in order, the show just wasn’t all that good, and didn’t live up to its potential.

It’s cases like Almost Human that have me worried about FOX handling something like Gotham, which could very well just turn into a Batman-themed police procedural. We’re drowning in police procedurals, we don’t need any more, and FOX yet again proves it has work to do when developing original programming. Almost Human was one of the most promising looking shows of last year, and now it’s dead already. Such is TV, but more often than not, such is FOX.

Are you sad the show has been killed? Were you a bigger fan than I? What do you think went wrong?

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