Fox, Get It Together and Stop Airing Almost Human Out of Order

almost human2

Sci-fi fans are having flashbacks to Firefly with Fox doing their best to sink one of the most promising new shows of the year. Like Firefly, Fox is airing Almost Human out of order, and last I heard the episodes were coming in: 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3.

The show has always felt a bit disjointed as a procedural with no real overarching plot outside of what was mentioned in the pilot, but the effect is amplified when the episodes are shown out of order. John has a crush on Minka Kelly? Let’s never mention that again. His ex-girlfriend tried to kill him? Forget about it.

Almost Human, despite riding a lot of hype, has had disappointing viewership numbers to the point where it may not even get picked up. Some of that may be blamed on network TV’s average audience, but much of it can be tied to Fox confusing things by airing these episodes out of order. They at LEAST need to give it a full season where they finally start showing things in order, but at this rate they’re going to likely jump from 3 to 2 to 9 which will be even more jarring than anything we’ve seen so far.

Get it together, Fox.

[Photo via Liane Hentscher/FOX]

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  • rallybug

    So, are you saying that episodes 1 through 4 (all that have currently aired – 11/17, 11/18, 11/25 and 12/02 – I don’t know where you get six episodes from…) are not actually those episode numbers?

    • RiseOfGotham

      I don’t think they meant that 6 Episodes have aired so far just that the Episodes that have aired are out of order. The pilot was Episode 1 (obviously) but then Episode 2 is actually Ep 5, Ep 3 is Ep 6, Ep 4 is Ep 7
      and Episode 5 will be Ep 8 and Episode 6 will be Episode 3… I think?

  • Jeff

    Are you sure that they just weren’t PRODUCED out of order but they are AIRING in the intended order?

    • chitown

      Agreed…I’m not sensing anything jarring about the episodes.

  • FutureFox

    I didn’t think so. When Dorian told John about using Olive oil from the pilot they followed up on that in the very next episode. Not that I’m doubting FOX switched the order. Could be that they want to carry over small references like that together and not two three episodes ahead. Who knows.

    Still a cool show. For me the biggest star is the futurism of this world and want ideas they touch upon. But on the same token I will eventually would like to know where established developments takes the audience.

    • Ian Armstrong

      Let’s run this by you again, shall we?
      “1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3.”

      That’s… 5, 6, 7. The real leap was between 1 and 5 when John went from “damn, I don’t trust this robotic partner” to a buddy movie in a single episode. Going back to 3 is going to be really difficult to watch.

      • FutureFox

        …. I understand that Ian. I just found it coincidentally fitting that during those same two episodes, 1 and 5 shown one after the other, they would follow up on the Olive oil suggestion by Dorian fix John’s knee. While watching (ep1 and ep5) I did feel the characters were instantly buddy-buddy all of sudden though I attributed that to just bad writing. Again prior to knowing what know now.

        So in conclusion, you take ep1 and ep5 with the small link between them being the Olive oil that is followed up immediately after ep1, in ep5 and you then run episodes 6 and 7 one can easily believe the episodes as aired are in order from the pilot to the fourth planned to air (which will be ep7 as of this writing).

        The Olive oil. Which sticks out to me because it was figurative olive branch extended by Dorian to befriend John. Again from ep1 to ep5 which from that angle dove-tailed nicely.

  • djmint

    Fox should of, hmm, gee, I dunno? Aired the Nigel Bernard story arc to begin with. That would have brought the ratings.

  • tweety bird

    The real problem? The show is not interesting. The only people watching are diehard Abrams/Wyman fans from Fringe who just can’t seem to let go. Hero worship doesn’t make a show great. A great show (like Lost and Fringe) makes a show great. This is definitely NOT a Fringe replacement, but Orphan Black might be because it is interesting and original, like Fringe was.

    • chitown

      Fringe ended horribly though…the last season was just a rushed effort to end the series as quickly as possible.

      I’d put Almost Human above those episodes of Fringe.