Alphas Sneak Peeks: Gaslight

alphasThe death of Anna last season on Alphas understandably caused Gary a lot of grief, confusion, and anger. A creature of habit, he had gotten used to having a friend in his life that seemed to understand his mindset and condition, so to have that taken away, even despite her not-so-nice motivations, was a shock to the system. To the point that at her funeral, which takes place in the next episode of Alphas, he feels the urge to speak up on her behalf regarding the platitudes the preacher extolled regarding her omnipresence. Gary’s mind doesn’t grasp the idea that people can live on through the ideas and impact on others, but he’s not wrong in feeling a little uneasy about the way her cause of death has been swept under the rug a little.

Elsewhere on Alphas, an Alpha named Adam is trying to get to a loved one at the morgue, a loved one that had been entombed in one of the drawers and came back to life in order to call for him. But the orderlies aren’t listening to him (or her) and drag the spider-like Alpha away before he can help, presumably to hold him in an undisclosed location by himself. Is the mental break that he suffered the end of his problems or was it extreme enough to cause him to try to break out and do harm to others? If he does bust out of the controlled environment, could one of the team be in danger?

Alphas moves to its new time on Monday, August 20th at 8:00 on Syfy. Lauren Holly will be guest starring as Senator Charlotte Burton, a legislator with ties to Dr. Rosen.

How have you been enjoying this season of Alphas? How do you think the events in the first sneak peek will affect the rest of the episode? Do you think that Gary will ever get over his feelings from Anna’s death?

You can talk about the sneak peeks and much more at the TVOvermind Alphas discussion forum here.

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