Unlimited Glamour in a New Mad Men Trailer (Plus Pete)

A new teaser trailer for Mad Men, season seven has emerged, and with it comes exactly zero new information about the upcoming season, just how they like it. Mad Men is a show without previews, desperate not to give away ANY clue about what comes next. It’s not exactly a show full of grand mysteries, but I can respect its desire for secrecy in an age where “next time on” previews usually give away the entire damn episode.

So what do we see? Most of the major cast members looking super glamorous in and around an airport. I’m trying to figure out why Pete made the cut but not Joan. And Betty is there over Joan too. Oh my god, is Joan dead??? Perhaps I’m reading too much into that. But seriously, how can you have a slow-motion based trailer without including Christina Hendricks? Come on!

Watch the spot for yourself above, and try to solve the mystery of Joan’s death with me.

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