5 Things We Learned from the American Horror Story Season 7 Teaser

Fans are starting to salivate already waiting for the next season of American Horror Story to get here and are likely to crowd in around the TV when it finally does arrive. The latest season of AHS is set to become one of the most captivating and disturbing seasons yet as it’s been told and will be bringing back several of the fan favorites such as Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson according to rumors. There are also a few hidden surprises that fans have theorized about but don’t know for certain. What we do know is that it’s going to be another fun-filled thrill fest like only the creators of AHS can deliver.

Here are a few things we do know from watching the teaser to American Horror Story Season 7.

5. It’s going to be dark.

Okay so all AHS episodes are dark, but this one seems to be leaning towards a shade of black that seems positively evil in nature. One could have said the same thing about last season but we all know where that went. All we can hope for is that the advertising for this season isn’t just a bunch of hype with no substance. Thus far its stark contract in coloring leads us to believe that it will in fact be quite morbid.

4. Phobias will be a big part of the theme.

This has been hinted at in the many articles that have already been written about season 7, but the appearance of the bees and the multitude of clowns only seems to back it up. Something simply screams the fact that there will be a serious focus on phobias and how they affect the lives of the cast. That could prove uniquely interesting.

3. There will be at least one central character that drives the story.

Whether or not the odd clown out or the figure on the center dais will be featured in the season it seems to suggest that the focus of the story will be the influence of the man on the one. In AHS there are always many moving pieces, but eventually it always comes down to the one that really drives the story. As important as the others are they eventually fade away and the focus becomes clear.

2. It will have clowns.

If you didn’t guess from the greasepaint and the big, billowing outfits this season will have clowns. More importantly it will be the return, somehow, of Twisty the clown. One has to wonder how they will manage to pull this off considering that Twisty met his end in Freak Show, but it will be intriguing to see the kind of twist the creators put on this return.

1. We know the name of the theme.

The initial point I made above about this being dark should come full circle now as the name of the season has finally been revealed. The very word “cult” drives a spike of fear into the hearts of many people thanks to its many negative connotations. It’s easy to see that the creators won’t be going for a more positive representation of the word. After all, this is American Horror Story. They don’t do positive.

If you’re ready for the next installment of horror don’t forget to tune in this September 5th.

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