American Horror Story Asylum Video Review – What’s Up for Season 3?

Fellow TVOM contributor Mark Estes and I were so taken aback by the American Horror Story Asylum review, we made a vodcast about it.  Check it out:


So to recap some points we made in the video:  with its second season, American Horror Story has begun the process of perfecting its formula in noticeable ways. The scale and scope was ambitious and perhaps suffered for it, akin to Lana’s hollow self-obsession, but at the end of the day the writers did a much better job of wrapping up Asylum.

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy has stated that there are hints in the latter episodes of what season 3 might deal with.  This has officially become tradition since season one also held some hints concerning season two.  I mentioned in the video that the most noteworthy clue was the mention of Easter by Monsignor Howard.  How could this be a clue?  You ask.  Easter is, of course, Zombie Jesus day, so resurrection or any of multiple living-dead interpretations right on to David Chalmers’ Zombies could be on the menu for season 3 of American Horror Story.

So how do you, the fans, feel about the Asylum finale.  Was this seemingly ‘epilogue’ approach just what Doctor Arden would have ordered, or were you looking for more of the brand of evil hi-jinx the series has dolled out all season long.  Se any hints in the finale that might elucidate the nature of season 3 of American Horror Story?  Sound off below!

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  • Amber

    I liked the finale… but I probably would have done it differently. I would have had Johnny kill Lana, instead of the other way around.

  • http://Tvovermind Raymond

    I believe there are 2 clues in Mothers Milk that may bethe subject and location of season 3. When Lana confronts Dr Thredson before the police get there , he says, “we will always have Paris.” Dr Thredson when telling Lana how he will not get the electric chair states that he s clearly insane so he will be in prison the rest of his life. He also says there are some pretty sick individuals in prison possibly the subject matter for season 3 and. Paris the location. modern day Victor Hugo.

  • E

    Where is the video??????

    • Clarissa

      Sorry, we had a problem with the video, but it’s back up and working now.