American Horror Story: Four Characters We’d Like To See Return For Season Two

American Horror StoryAfter American Horror Story aired its first season finale last week, co-creator Ryan Murphy dropped a bombshell concerning the show’s highly anticipated second season. The Harmon Family story is done and the Murder House is now a thing of the past, which means new characters and a new setting to haunt next year. Believe me when I say that we’re still reeling from the news here at TVOvermind, but at least we are even more intrigued to know what Murphy and Brad Falchuk have in store for next year.

Nonetheless, there was one interesting tidbit Murphy revealed concerning certain actors from this season making appearances next season. While we might not get a chance to ever chill with the Harmons and their ghostly brethren again, there are still a few characters who can make the transition, in some capacity, over to the second season storyline. To “guide” the writers of American Horror Story on who would be perfect to make the trek into next season’s new horror landscape, I’ve took it upon myself to present a list of characters I would like to see make the cut.

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  • GizGiz

    I want Tate Langdon/Evan Peters to stay i dont even care what they say he HAS to stay!

  • Jamie

    Evan Peters was a huge attention grabber this season. He should definitely get into season 2, even though he wouldn't be Tate. Because, like Violet, he's stuck in the house. Oh and the Moiras. They're great!

    • moestes

      Jamie and GizGiz, I think Evan Peters is a no-brainer to keep for next year, which is why I didn't add him. Plus, I can't see Tate having any other connection outside of the Murder House, but I feel your Tate/Evan love, lol!

  • Matt

    I pray that Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy (Old Moira) return next season. Just PLEASE keep Hayden out of it!!!

  • art

    billy dean? she was shown maybe once or twice and you chose her! wow. with out a doubt I'd love to see EVAN PETERS! he blew me away! taissa is also good, jessica lange was amazing as well….

  • Pat

    Don't have a second series, please!!!!!

  • wanda

    i am afraid this new setting of both actors and location will be the undoing of AHS. this will be a new show, entirely! why mess with something that is already great, until you have to?

  • heather

    Evan peters!!!

  • cool

    evan peters has to say

  • Fabian

    Kate Mara has to come back. She was the best as Hayden, but I would love to see her come back to AHS in any way possible (for as many episodes as possible too).

  • any

    TAISSA FARMIGA AND EVAN PETERS!!!! the show would be ruined without tate and violet

  • lisa

    Lily Rabe is amazing. Her character is so lost and confused. She captures the time period she represents so beautifully. I will miss this character.
    Also, I cannot deny how much I love Zachary Quinto. Nothing beats his Spock, but I'll watch him in anything.

  • JKo

    I only want Evan Peters and Jessica Lange in the next season

  • laura

    Evan peters has to stay in this show !

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