American Horror Story: Freak Show To Have “Most Terrifying Clown Ever”


I like American Horror Story. Though it tends to always fall apart in the final episode, the ride up to the final episodes is always a creepy, unique trip. Though I can admit there is rarely something I actually find scary on the show. Just creepy and unsettling, usually. But it seems like the new American Horror Story, subtitled Freak Show will be the stuff of nightmares. Why? They say they have the scariest clown ever. All clowns are scary, so I am already hooked (and already freaked).

As they talked about on Hypable, the producers of American Horror Story: Freak Show are calling the clown they have this season the “most terrifying clown ever”. Do they even realize what they are saying? That is a pretty bold statement to make, and it puts a lot riding on the new season and new clown in said season. Thing is, the clown could look like Little Mary Sunshine and I would still be scared of it. Why? Because adults who wear face makeup to play with kids are scary, any way you look at them. Just the simple fact they included a clown this season tells me this new season of American Horror Story is already shaping up to be one of the best.

I know it seems really early for me to say this considering it has not even debuted yet. But, few can argue the terror clowns instill. If they have clowns, this could be the creepiest season yet.  Stinks we have to wait to Fall to find out if we are right or if they are just over-hyping it all.

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