American Horror Story Season 3 Scoop

Jon Lachonis February 1, 2013 1


American Horror Story boss Ryan Murphy has announced via Twitter that Lily Rabe will be returning for season three.  Rabe joins Jessica Lange, Sara Paulson, and Evan Peters as recurring cast, but, as always, each will play a brand new character forged specifically for the new story.

And what about the new story?  Well, there are rumors it will have something to do with the South, and if you buy into my “Easter” AKA Zombie Jesus theory it could even have something to do with resurrection.  Murphy has been very selective and purposefully vague with the hints saying only it would be more historical in nature, will take place over multiple differing locations and times, and will be funnier. Murphy said at a Q&A that Peters would revert to playing a sobbing psychopath, and that the season story will have an iconic big bag ala Rubber Man and Bloody Face, but this time it will be a woman.

As far as future casting is concerned, expect some season one cast that was absent from season 2 to return.  At least some of the new cast members will be custom picked to compliment Jessica Lange.  Murphy expressed that he was feeling a bit nostalgic for Constance, and elsewhere it has been eluded that we will see Lange playing an evil character.  Spooky.


  • Cynthia

    Season 3 is going to be about politics and congress. Just TOO MANY hints towards government/Washginton, D.C. to dismiss.

    1) “Congress” vinyl spinning. (Ryan Murphy stated you needed to be quick to “SEE” the hint in this episode)

    2) Loooooong speech about government tax payers swindling the poor by The Angel of Death’s Mob character. (Ryan Murphy said the hint in this episode would be LONG and more noticeable). Plus–why would such an arbitrary and long-ass speech be recited by a character who’s not even important in the episode?

    3) “World Leaders, Stars, Disgraced Politicians” April (the interviewer) in Madness Ends puts significant emphasis on “Disgraced Politicians”. We also know from Ryan Murphy that Season 3 will have more “glamour” in it, so stars (and even world leaders) isn’t a far stretch from the previous, and next, hint.

    4) “Kennedy Center”. April also makes multiple mentions to the “Kennedy Center”…a performing arts center located in WASHINGTON, D.C.

    There are some more that I can’t think of.

    But as of now, and knowing that Season 3 might deal with MULTIPLE types of horror (a la Asylum’s devil, aliens, serial killer, insanity, real-life horrors, etc.),…