American Horror Story Season 8 Will Be a Futuristic Sci-Fi Themed Story

Season 7 of American Horror Story came to a conclusion in November of 2017. As a result, there are a lot of fans of the series who are now looking forward to Seasons 8 and 9, which were confirmed in January of 2017. Not too much information has been revealed about the upcoming Season 8, but not too much information is far from being the same as no information whatsoever.

First and foremost, one of the series creators Ryan Murphy has confirmed that the upcoming Season 8 will be set in the future. Unfortunately, he did not reveal too much about what said future will look like, though he did make a statement that the season will not be happening in outer space. As a result, there are a lot of exciting possibilities for what the upcoming Season 8 could look like, with examples ranging from the sort of dystopian future that pops up in fiction on a semi-regular basis to a retro future, which would be interesting as an examination of what the past thought the future would look like.

Regardless, while not much information has been revealed about the upcoming Season 8, it seems that it will have a solid premise. After all, the future has been a popular choice for horror for a long time. Something that is perhaps unsurprising considering that a significant percentage of science fiction is focused on how current trends might led to something much more concerning if permitted to run unchecked, with an excellent example being found in the Black Mirror series. Better still, the future is not something that has been covered by a previous season of American Horror Story, meaning that it carries with it the promise of something new and exciting. As a result, while not much information has been revealed about the upcoming Season 8, what has been said sounds rather promising at this point in time.

What Do We Know About Season 9 of American Horror Story?

Speaking of which, it is interesting to note that some information has been revealed about Season 9 of American Horror Story as well. In short, it will be a crossover between Season 1 and Season 3, which were Murder House and Coven. Said crossover has been speculated about for some time, but it won’t be happening until Season 9 for the simple reason of logistics. Simply put, Murphy has stated that he and the the people behind American Horror Story want a total of 25 people to make a return to the series for the crossover, which is why they have to wait for so long for the scheduling conflicts to clear up. On the plus side, this wait means that they have put a fair amount of effort into planning for Season 9, which should come as welcome news for those who are interested.

Further Considerations

It is not known when Season 8 of American Horror Story will be released. However, as progress continues to be made on the upcoming Season 8, more information is bound to come out about what interested individuals can expect as well as when they can expect it. As a result, they should make sure to continue paying close attention to entertainment news for the latest happenings.

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