How American Horror Story Won Me Back With An Evil Dead Homage

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I will admit it, American Horror Story lost me last season. It just wanted to be too many things to too many people. For that reason alone, I found myself very skeptical of this season, Coven. Honestly, first few episodes made me think that the show may have finally and fully fallen from grace. But all that shifted with last night’s phenomenal episode. Not only is Jessica Lange at her absolute best this season, but they had an obvious homage to the Evil Dead in last night’s episode, and to say it was anything less than awesome would be to undersell just how awesome it was.

First of all, no matter what any of you think, those were NOT zombies in last night’s American Horror Story: Coven. No, those were “deadites”. Deadites, as I am sure you know, are Evil Dead’s version of zombies. You want to know what separates deadites from zombies? Deadites kill. Zombies eat. No one last night was eaten. Even the way the undead creatures looked. Same glazed over eyes and gray skin as the deadites. I kept saying, out loud: This is en Evil Dead homage.

Flash forward two seconds later, and Zoe shows up with a chainsaw and just goes to town.

Everything about the scene, from the jump cuts to the overly dramatic arterial spray reeked of Evil Dead. It was Ashe by way of the Coven, and it was fantastic. You see, what American Horror Story forgot about last season was how to have fun. How you can be both macabre and campy at once. Last night’s Burn Witch Burn episode reminded me exactly why I like this show.

Also, I could watch Jessica Lange order McDonalds and would find it compelling, so it is nice they are giving her a real chance to shine this season. Well played, American Horror. Seems you still got it.

[Photo: CR. Michele K. Short/FX]

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