Bold Predictions for Twisty the Clown in American Horror Season 7

He’s a big reason why fans continued on with season 4 of American Horror Story:Freak Show. Each and every commercial that featured Twisty, which was most of them, people somehow got excited at the terror that was represented by the demented clown as he came running at his victims at top speed in his filthy outfit and maniacal smile. Twisty was a legend in season 4 and a very tragic figure all in one.  Fired from his circus job after a false allegation of molestation he eventually became so depressed that he tried to commit suicide. This unfortunately didn’t work as he blew the lower half of his face off and had to adopt the plastic smile that was so terrifying in season 4.

After that he was eventually taken to hell by Edward Mordrake, which seemed like a mercy for him really. But now there’s a confirmed rumor that Twisty will have a part to play in the upcoming season 7! Hold onto your socks now, we don’t know what’s going to happen since the director and everyone else is being kind of tight-lipped about the subject. But here are a few predictions that might hold at least a little water.

Twisty will be a legend.

Considering that Twisty was killed by Edward Mordrake in the 1940’s it’s not likely that he’s going to somehow come back to life in 2017. Reincarnation isn’t beyond the scope of AHS, but it’s still not entirely likely. However, the legend of Twisty is dark enough that the comic we see in the promo could be the spark that some twisted, demented mind needs to get the horror going again. It worked for Dandy Mott, so why not?

At one point season 7 will show that it’s Halloween.

Do recall that Twisty met his fate when Edward Mordrake came a-calling. That means that in order to come back, as the show seems to indicate, it will have to be All Hallow Eve. This would be insanely awesome as it would bring back Mordrake and the crew. This time however it has to be asked if other elements of Freak Show are going to be included, as it would make a lot more sense than just having Mordrake and Twisty show up unannounced in some random place for no reason.

The sketch of an elephant’s head looks an awful lot like Twisty.

It could be possible that an update to Twisty’s costume could be in the works considering the fact that the picture shown below is said to have something to do with season 7. Not only would this be uniquely terrifying but it would give a new look to anyone that decided to do their own take on the legend of Twisty.

After the last season of AHS a lot fans are hoping and praying that AHS will get back to its horrifying roots and skip the whole reality bit shtick. Roanoke wasn’t all that bad really, but the first half definitely blew the second away largely because it kept the main characters as they were meant to be, it didn’t confuse the reality with the story in a back and forth manner. If season 7 really brings back Twisty in any capacity it will be the nightmare the fans have been wanting.


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