Five Reasons Why American Horror Story is Going Overboard This Season

Paul November 27, 2012 3

I liked American Horror Story. It was a bold new venture in television that did something no other shows really have for a while: it scared me. The tale of the ghostly house was terrifying week to week, and the mystery was one that was fascinating to unravel as time’s gone on.

I liked the idea of starting over for season two. Similar actors, but a new setting and story. The Asylum seemed like a great place for a creepy tale, but I’m starting to think they’ve taken on too much in this new season.

The first story, of season one, was about ghosts in a haunted house, plain and simple and handled correctly. But in season two, what do we have to deal with now?

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  • KevinEleven

    i agree with you kinda completely but the article itself felt too complainey (tho maybe clarissa’s extremely detailed and enlightening articles concerning similar topics on other shows may have spoiled me?). i truly hope ryan murphy et al.. will dovetail everything they (and your article) brought up into a satisfying conclusion. hell, trying to describe last season in one concise, appropriate sentence before the last episode aired wouldve insanely difficult. (tried to get friends into it before it wrapped and the only thing i could say at the time was “ghosts definitely, probably. just watch it. it wont make sense and uhhh, well, u wont care cuz its still way interesting!”) sos i say this article HAS to be revisted at the end of its season. otherwise, u might spend more time resenting it when hopefully, we’ll be able to appreciate it. wow cant believe i said all that without mentioning i really dig this site. or possibly just clarissa?
    Damn u, entertainment, for ….. entertaining!!!!!!!…..?

  • Jimbo

    The article author is stupid. This show knows where its going otherwise it would’ve cloned season 1.

  • Ray

    Really. My head hurt more after reading this terrible half !@#ed “article”, in which I have to load a new page after 2.5 sentences.

    Have you ever considered they’re in an asylum? Every person in that joint, including the people you believe to be innocent or sane, is probably just the opposite. He probably DID imagine the aliens. She probably ISN’T a journalist. He probably isn’t a Nazi Scientist and there may not be any mutants.

    I think the balls to the wall insanity matches it’s surroundings perfectly. I only worry that they won’t be able to top themselves in later seasons.