What Needs to Happen With Next Season of American Horror Story

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I am a big fan of American Horror Story. I have watched all three seasons, and over time, I think I have gotten a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t for the show. We get a new story every season, right? Well, rather then speculate anything about where that will be and what it will entail, I would rather just write out a general piece about what I think they need to do with the next season of American Horror Story. Some tropes to avoid and some new ideas to try to incorporate.

First thing, this show has proven three times that it tends to bite off a bit more than it can chew by the finale. Though season three was tighter than season two in that sense, it all fell apart at the ending. So I have an idea. Why not build an entire season around an amazing ending, instead of building an entire great season, but having no idea what to with the ending? Remember people, the ending is the final taste you leave in our mouth, and if it is not pleasant, why would we go back for seconds?

Next up, pull back the multiple story lines. I know it is a sort of gothic soap opera, but why have twenty story lines if you have no cool way to tie them all up. Why not bring the focus in a little bit? Look at season two, it had killers, aliens, demons, angels, zombies, mutants, Nazis, and that is all from ONE episode. If you have eighty story lines, chances are, they are watered down. Give us three or four instead, and make them the best they can be.

Finally, find a tone. I love that American Horror Story leaps between satire and sick and silly, but it can sometimes do that so much it leaves us nauseous. Find a perfect balance between all your tones (think Evil Dead) and make it consistent. Too many tones is jarring and hard to lose yourself in.

I know they sound like all gripes, but they prove I am a fan of the show, and just want what is best for it. If the next season of American Horror Story followed even one of those pieces of advice, I can promise you, it would be a tighter, better show for it.

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  • Scott LePage

    So make it like every other drama on TV? No thanks. And it finds it’s themes based on the season. It’s an anthology and should feel as such to. You’re saying you want every season to have the same boring balanced tone, plus the same actors? Every season would feel the same.

  • Cecil Miller

    So, there were no zombies in season two. I like the show the way it is, multiple story lines and all. Not every story ends without loose-ends. Not every story ends in a big bang. The show is great the way it it.