Neil Patrick Harris Petitioning to Be On American Horror Story

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American Horror Story is returning soon enough with its new “Freak Show” installment, and though the cast is mostly set, it seems there could be a few last minute additions. In particular, actor Neil Patrick Harris loves the show so much, he actually petitioned creator Ryan Murphy to cast him, though he was disappointed with the response. Or lack of it.

“I wrote a letter to Ryan, asking if I could be in it. And he didn’t respond,” Harris said.

But because no one reads letters anymore, I’m guessing Murphy just never saw it. That’s why when this news broke, Murphy took to Twitter to respond to Neil Patrick Harris directly.

“Of course you can be on Freak Show!” he said, “I have a role I think you’d love.”

So that may end up coming to pass after all, which is great news for the show as we all know NPH makes anything and everything better. Would he be a freak, or some other character? I can see him as a sort of master of ceremonies, but I feel like that would have to be more than a simple cameo. He’s downright creepy in the new Gone Girl trailer, so perhaps he could play a villain well.

Are you excited for Freak Show, or have the last few seasons of American Horror story left you disillusioned with the concept? Either way, I’m guessing a pretty large audience will be checking out season four when it finally arrives.

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