Season Four of American Horror Story Will Be in a Carnival

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Well, we really should have seen this coming. The first three seasons of American Horror Story have been set inside a haunted house, a mental asylum and a witch coven. It stands to reason that season four would be in somewhere just as creepy, and it is: a carnival.

The news was inadvertently revealed in a podcast this past weekend (via AVClub), and though no details about the carnival setting are revealed, the setting itself has been. Some people guessed this might be the case, and it wouldn’t be the first time a creepy carnival has appeared on television screens. I’m particularly reminded of the final season of Heroes, where a superpowered carnival sheltered and manipulated characters, and of course HBO’s Carnivale, a show many would deem “killed too soon.”

I think we have to expect that core cast members like Jessica Lange and Evan Peters will return for the Carinval season, though I’ve heard old favorites like Connie Britton and new ones like Angela Bassett are itching to return.

There are plenty of creepy plotlines that could exist within the confines of an evil carnival, but I would ask that the show keeps them to a minimum. American Horror Story falls apart when there are just simply too many plots for its own good, and nothing will be worse than the serial killers, demons, aliens and Nazis of season two.

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  • Mikey Erb

    I liked season two best. I thought all of the disparet elements of the plot added to the appeal of the show. It was all over the place and that is what made it so interesting. You could be watch a nun beat an insane person while wondering what the aliens look like. No other show does that. So, if I were them, I think they should definetly keep the plotty aspects of the show. I love them.

    • General Cornhole Jackson III

      I agree, however the alien subplot was silliness.

      I do like looking for the little homages to genre films. There were quite a lot in season 2