Stevie Nicks Coming To American Horror Story As White Witch


I can finally admit, American Horror Story won me back, BIG TIME, with last week’s episode. It just found its stride and is walking tall and embracing that. One interesting side plot on the show has been the constant mentioning of Stevie Nicks, famous singer for former musical giants, Fleetwood Mac. They have called her “the white witch” and brought her up (and played her music) many times this season. Well, seems they were setting us up for something, as Stevie Nicks WILL BE appearing on this season of American Horror Story, as the white witch, herself. Maybe. Truth is, we are not sure what she will be doing on the show, but we won’ lie, no matter who she ends up being, that is kind of awesome.

TV Line has the story, but Stevie Nicks is set to make a guest appearance later on this season. We are given NO real idea of what that will be, really, but we just think it is amazing the show snatched up the legendary singer. Obviously, she will be involved with the Misty’s storyline (that is the compelling witch who healed the Frankenstein kid and also seems to have the ability to bring dead things and people back to life). Will it be the real Stevie Nicks? Will it be a fever dream? Will Stevie Nicks end up being the ONE TRUE supreme? Well, who knows, but we are excited to find out.

American Horror Story airs at ten pm on FX on Wednesday nights.

[Photo via Frank Ockenfels/FX]

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