What Will The Next American Horror Story Be About?


I think we can all agree that American Horror Story is really awesome this season. Not as convoluted as season two, and not as hard to follow as season one. Seems like this show has finally figured out its place, and just how it fits in. Well, as I am sure fans of this stellar show have noticed, every season it changes. First house, then hospital, and now coven. This is leading many to wonder, what will be the next American Horror Story. Spent some time thinking about this and think I have a pretty solid idea. Prediction, more like.

So what will the next American Horror Story be about, and where will it take place?

After much late-night deliberation with myself, it hit me. It has to be a school. A boarding school to be more exact.

Think about it, where does most of the evil stuff that happens to kids happen? A school. You can have evil teachers, evil other kids, a school that used to be a jail, and so on and so forth. You add race, religion, and culture into it, and you have a bubbling pot, ready to boil over. Throw in some kids and staff who may be stuck there over a holiday break due to inclement weather, and you have the makings of what would be an amazing season. A haunted school, some evil headmasters, and an escaped serial killer. Yup. I think I nailed it. Honestly, I am really hoping I’m right, because the possibilities for how many ways that would work are blowing my mind right now.

So that, my friends, is what I hope and pray the next American Horror Story is about. What do you think? Like my idea, or have something better in mind? Take to the comments and let us know.

[Photo via Michele K. Short/FX]

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