American Idol Conspiracy Theory

I am a firm believer in conspiracy theories. There was a second shooter in the grassy knoll that took out JFK. (His name was Phil and he was a hitman hired by Fidel Castro with the CIA’s backing). The government did cover-up the 1947 alien crash landing in Roswell, NM (They were from Galaxy NGC 3314 and they are living off our tax dollars in an underground condo.) Natalie Portman also did not perform the dancing in Black Swan (I don’t know who did, but she needs her Oscar mailed to her.)

Could it be that American Idol also exists in the shadow of conspiracy? After 10 seasons on the air, there continues to be a lack of transparency in the voting process. We have never been told how the order of performances is determined. To this day we remain clueless as to what happened to Brian Dunkleman.

Who is to say the producers don’t play fast and loose with the rules? They have a job to make sure this ratings juggernaut and money-printing franchise continues. If the Naimi Adedapo’s and Kevin Covais'(I loved that little geeky wonderboy) of the world win the competition, Idol wouldn’t nearly be as revolutionary. Would you be surprised if the Idol producers finally got so scared that they just ignored the voting public by eliminating Sanjaya on their own?

Even if they are consistent in these behind the scenes polices, there are any number of ways the Idol producers can influence how the audience votes. I’ve already brought up how the order of the performances is critical. Do you think the contestants want to perform first or last in front of a television audience with an ever-diminishing attention span? If the producers want a contestant gone any given week, why not make sure they perform first, or ensure who they want to stick around performs last? Unless I missed it, I don’t remember ever seeing a clip of a contestant picking their order of performance out of a hat. It will be interesting to see who goes home tonight. Will it be Jacob Lusk who has been languishing for weeks and who performed first last night, or the final performer Haley Reinhart, who struggled early but has gained some momentum after some solid performances in addition to some well-placed on-air mentions of a potential budding romantic relationship with Idol darling Casey Abrams.

Have you also ever noticed who they couple up when informing the contestants who is safe and who is booted? When Pia Toscano was unceremoniously ditched a few weeks back, notice who was standing next to her to make sure we all knew who the producers thought should be going home? Why it was the now departed Stefano Langone (although it was Paul McDonald who got the boot the very next week.) Or how about the not-so discreet methods the producers use to influence votes? Nigel Lythgoe himself instructed a group of young girls to rush the stage and swarm Scotty McCreery a few weeks back. Is it any shock that Scotty, with his droves of text-happy teen female fans, has never been in the Bottom 3?

Look, I’m not accusing the Idol producers of being dirty, but I wouldn’t put anything I’m suggesting here past them as they make sure the Idol money train continues to chug along. Just ask Mr. Dunkleman, you can find him on the corner of 5th and Nowhere with a cup in his hand.

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