American Idol ‘Group Night’ Night Sends Home A Bunch of Hopefuls

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Wednesday night’s episode of American Idol was something new and some of the contestants weren’t feeling it. Emmanuel Zidor said by the end of last night’s show that this ‘Group Night’ should be renamed ‘Hell Night’. Fair enough.

It was a whirlwind 2-hour episode that saw about half of the 212 golden tickets depart for home rather than proceed on to the show. There was a new portion called ‘Hollywood or Home’, followed by a round of solo cuts, followed by a half-hour set up for tonight’s group performances. Okay, let me catch my breath.

The judges let in an atypical 212 contestants where in the past they usually let in about 300. ‘Hollywood or Home’ created an NCAA-like tournament. 52 of the 212 contestants, who thought they were being shuttled from the airport to the hotel, were taken to a soundstage and forced to perform on command. Half went to the hotel and half went to the soundstage. It was a test that Harry Connick Jr. described by saying, “”Superstars don’t get knocked off track. Superstars don’t get knocked off their game.”

The first cut knocked off 32 people! That’s 32 people that didn’t even get to check into a hotel. After that surprising start, it was business as usual for Idol. The familiar round of Hollywood solo cuts that allows the stars to emerge. The solo round cut the field down to 104 contestants. The rest of the show set up tonight’s performances.

So who impressed last night? Connick Jr. called Bryan Watt “Superman” – he was pretty good. Kenzie Hall and Malaya Watson were pretty good. It’ll be interesting to see the three country singers ‘Backstreet Cowboys’ tonight. They seem to have good chemistry together. The aforementioned Emmanuel Zidor is also a guy to watch.

Overall it was a pretty entertaining episode. On to tonight’s performances!

[Photo via Michael Becker/FOX]

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