American Idol Ratings Continue to Plummet

american idol2

Over the past several weeks effort have been made to reignite the passion behind ‘American Idol’. In the show’s 13th season, producers have started to curb their expectations for the show’s ratings, but that still doesn’t make them happy being right. In fact, projected to drop about 20 percent, the show in fact did. The premier on Wednesday night this week was down 22 percent in the audience that Fox sells to advertisers – 18 to 49.

Now a 22 percent drop in ratings may sound devastating for most shows, but ‘Idol’ still has a relatively big following. About 15.2 million viewers tuned into the premiere, down from 17.9 million last year. The warning signs came at the end of last season when (only) 14.3 million viewers tuned into the finale. That’s a drop of 3.6 million viewers in one season. Producers of the show understood that it may be the end of the road for ‘American Idol’ as the hoped for a boost to start this season. A boost did come, but it just wasn’t big enough to return optimism.

It’s an interesting situation for ‘American Idol’. The show is clearly losing following, but it was still the number one show of the night ahead of the return of ‘Duck Dynasty’. We still feel ‘Idol’ has some juice left, but it has been around for quite some time, and with other shows popping up like ‘The Voice’, it’s no surprise it’s getting a little stale…. by its standards.

[Photo via Michael Becker / FOX]

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