American Idol Ratings Hit An All-Time Low


Well it was bound to happen eventually, and after more than a decade on top, the decline of American Idol is in full effect. The series hit an all time low in the ratings this past week.

According to TVLine: “On Thursday, Fox’s American Idol Top 13 reveal (9.2 mil and a 2.4) was down 10 and 20 percent week-to-week, hitting an all-time demo low and drawing its smallest audience since Season 1 .”

That means American Idol actually got beat out by a Big Bang Theory RERUN that night on CBS. It’s bad news for the judge-swapping show, and it wasn’t even an insignificant night either with the top 13 reveal.

I think that to some extent, the 2000s era trend of the massively popular talent show is starting to draw to a close. The X Factor was just canceled and even popular shows like The Voice aren’t even the powerhouses they once were.

So what are we moving to? Reality “job” shows, it seems, as evidenced by TLC, HGTV, and so on, though even those may have peaked. Hopefully this means that perhaps we’ll start focusing more on quality scripted programs, as Netflix, HBO, AMC and others produce some of the best TV in history at present.

[Photo via Michael Becker/FOX]

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    Just so we see the end of housewives of anything, I will feel better about the future.