American Idol Results – A Shocking Bottom Three, Elimination

Wow. Just. Wow. American Idol had me on the edge of my seat tonight with a surprising bottom three and an elimination that surely sent a message to the competitors: listen to the judges. The American Idol hopeful sent packing this week was told again and again to expand their song genre, and to step up their on stage performance, and again and again the audience booed their suggestions. Well, as it turns out these three – Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson – actually know what they are talking about. First let’s talk about how the bottom three came together.

As usual, the bottom three was built from groups marched onto the American Idol state to endure Ryan Seacrest’s cruel pauses and deceptive inflection. Casey Abrams, Stefano Lagone and Lauren Alaina were the first group up, with Stafano taking his place as the first in the bottom three. No surprises here, but hang on to your hats: American Idol‘s results show got downright wild from there.

Paul McDonald, Scotty McCreery, and Pia Toscano were up next. After last week’s results, and last night’s performances, this seemed like an easy call. American Idol tends to have a bit of overlap from week to week when it comes to the bottom three, so it seemed like Paul would be joining Stefano – but no, it was Pia. That’s right. Pia. But hold on, things keep getting crazier.

James Durbin, Haley Reinhart, and Jacob Lusk were next – and after Lusk’s bizarre comment about America needing to reflect a little it was not entirely surprising that he became the final member of the bottom three. Still, Lusk was a fresh face and the move indicated that Haley, has been in the bottom three, is beginning to pull ahead. Does she owe Lusk’s comments? And why do American Idol contestants keep running afoul of Michael Jackson this season? Durbin’s “Pepsi Moment,” Lusk’s Man in the Mirror statement? Sheesh.

So elimination time. The clues from the first paragraph are probably pretty clear, it was Pia that was eliminated. I’m not unhappy, but I am shocked none-the-less. I saw her as a final-five material at least, but the amazing generic quality and lack of dynamics kept me from seeing her as a winner. She has a great voice, but its the voice of hours of vocal coaching – not a voice of experience and emotion. Steven Tyler blamed the audience saying that America’s “lack of passion was unforgivable,” but ironically that is essentially what the judges have been saying to Pia all season. Her addiction to ballads and her limited stage presence made her into something slightly more vivid than a wallflower amongst the competition, and for the judges to show shock after delivering that feedback for weeks is a little perplexing.

One thing is for sure, with a major vocal talent eliminated this is officially anybody’s game at this point. But for those keeping track, here are the remaining American Idol contestants:

Casey Abrams – Casey has a fantastic style but his performances run hot and cold. He’s been in the bottom three before, was eliminated, and received the Judge’s only save of the season. He’ll have to be consistently great to win.

Haley Reinhart – Haley has been in the bottom three, but continues to improve week after week. She’s incorporating feedback from the judges and wowing the audience – she could pull a legitimate underdog win.

James Durbin – Durbin is a great rocker, we’ll see how he holds up. Rockers go far on Idol, but rarely win.

Jacob Lusk – This season’s soul man has seemed to hit that invisible barrier in the march to the finale five. He has half of the charisma of George Huff, and will probably hit the wall in the next couple of weeks.

Stefano Langone – Stefano is on his way out. Sorry, but it’s going to happen and soon.

Lauren Alaina – The “chosen” one continues to be a stunner. Can she go all the way?

Paul Mcdonald – All of Paul’s charms have become more and more forced and put-on as time goes by. The routine may work when your touring club to club, but Paul’s on the same stage, channel, and show every week and his schtick is becoming downright annoying.

Scotty McCreery – Everything that critics considered his limitations have become his strengths, and his popularity is off the charts. Scotty will make it further than any other overtly country styled male on American Idol, but can we win? By the time we reach the finals, the enormous American Idol crowd may not split favorably for Scotty’s twang.


  • VM

    You have got to be kidding. Pia was the best singer of the group.  I think it is a lot of thin skinned jealous women who didn't vote for her. She will succeed as many of the IDOL non-winners have done in the past. None of the men are in the game. Haley might succeed depending on the majority of voters. IDOL needs to go to a Dancing with the Starsa genre -where the judges scores are mixed with America. But after tonight I will never watch IDOL again and according to Seacrest's last comments he knows it is in jeopardy as well….

  • Alfred Stoffer

    Congratulations America on voting probably the most talented and accomplished singer on Idol off the show. I guess the combination of natural musical talent and beauty was too much for many to bear. It's a shame true talent is not appreciated and is taken for granted or overlooked. All I can say is if this girl is not signed by a major label soon then maybe there are people in high places in the music industry that need some serious ear training. Pia, your love of ballads along with your tasteful use of strong and gentle dynamics filled the air with nirvana. You will be (blessed) as Sir Elton John sings. Remember the first label to nab you wins!!! Bravo Pia!!!!

  • D'Orr

    Pia is by far the most polished singer in this group.  She is stunningly beautiful, and has a great voice.  When you can sing like her you are not going to need to jump around stage.  Anyone who has ever seen Mariah Carey or Celine Dione live know that they flow w/ the choreography of their stage performers, but do not move much themselves.  They don't need to.  Did Luther dance around?  No.  Great voice and looks is more than enough.  It's usually the ones with lesser voices who have to make up for it w/ effects and spectacular stage shows.

    They need to redo the format for the voting, or allow more saves.  I'm done for this season too.  Pia is a super talent. who could also cross over into tv and film acting.  Keep an eye on her.

  • RightOn

    Pia was supremely talented, but outrageously boring.  Every week she came out there like she was the anointed one or something.  She just was not competitive.  She was relying on her voice and her looks.  Yeah, the judges had it right when they told her to work on her act and get away from the ballads.  Sorry, but as talented as she is it is in relation to the other competitors – there are hundreds of girls just like her on the radio.  She was aiming too low and was way too relaxed about the whole thing.

  • Vicky Roman

    For the record, Haley did not get in on the wild card. She was voted into the top 10 by America. Get it right!

  • Cruz Hurt

    I didn't think Idol could produce a lower moment than when Daughtry failed to make the top 3, but tonite did it for me. A complete travesty. I am through with Idol this season and possibly longer.

    The judges are far too positive and indulgent. It's like having two Paula's on the panel with Jennifer and Steven. Is there a rule somewhere that a musician can't honestly critique another musician? At least Simon said what everyone else was thinking, and he would never have voted to save Casey.

    Think about the past couple winners, David Cook and Kris Allen. How many albums have they sold between the two of them? How many did Taylor Hicks sell? Now let's talk about Daughtry and Adam Lambert. The last Idol winner to be a legitimate superstar was Carrie Underwood. Unless they figure out a way to counter the teenage girl factor and choose legitimate singers with actual billboard potential, Idol will continue to disappoint.

    I guarantee you that Jimmy Iovine, David Foster, and any other producer/record executive would pick Pia 9 times out of 10 over every other contestant remaining on the show. "Pia is boring and stiff" Pretty sure that's why most artists have choreographers and rehearsals before a tour. How many takes do you get for a music video? Yeah….a complete travesty.

    • Jon Lachonis

      Agree with you 100% on Daughtry.  Amazing, but look at who won that season?  It is the voters that are picking these winners, and the voters are clearly not choosing by vocal ability alone.

      Let me expand a bit on my opinion of Pia, because I think I'm coming across to you guys as too harsh.  First, she's not my cup of tea in general because I don't like her genre.  I'm a big Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen fan and people have argued neither of them can sing worth a damn, but they are incredible story tellers, performers, and writers.  So that's just me, different strokes for different folks.

      That said, there is no question in my mind that Pia was incredibly talented and has huge potential – she was simply not competing in this contest.  Period.  It is not enough to be a great singer, that has been proven over and over and over again.  Every season sees incredible singers get voted off in the early stages.  I really think it's a sobering moment that says a lot about aesthetics in our culture.  It's a competition, and Pia lost at this phase because her entry was not sufficient.  Period.

      But again, Pia ignored the suggestions of the judges for several weeks in a row while someone like Stefan put an almost comic amount of effort into improving – and look who survived.  Play the game or go home. She simply waited too long to switch it up. Mountain High should have been her week two song.

  • Ed Namzug

    Obviously J Lo is not an extra ordinary singer and look where is she now as a singer, it means that the audience has its own standard of appreciating talent. From the very beginning those three contestants are my bet, Pia, Jacob and James but my favorite is Thia and I was shocked too Pia was eliminated so early.

  • Ed Namzug

    The way J Lo and Randy are judging, they're imposing their own criteria to the contestants that somehow influenced the audiences as their base of judging.

  • Don Stiles

    I will vote with my money!  No more Coke, Fords or American Idol.  The show has become a joke!

  • bubba marks

    I am very disapointed in Pia's loss. American Idol needs to review their counting method and tell us what each recieved. If a contestant is withing 5% of the singer in second to last place they should be passed thru to the next week.  I honestly believe there could and should be more than one American Idol.

    Pia was and is a beautiful woman who could darn sure sing in my opinion better than some in the contest. I think the show lost big time last night. The vote, if real, was not indicative of her talent. She is not a 9th place contestant. I half hoped some of last nights winners would have refused to go on if Pia was actually eliminated.

    Does anyone remember when Scottie stated in the first shows that he felt terrible about the young man who couldn't find a team to sing with. That was a wonderful apology and what a true American Idol should represent. I predict he and James will be in the finals, not so much based on their talents but because of their hearts. Both are wonderful men who makes me prouder to be an American than I can expain.

    In closing if American Idol wants us to keep watching this year they need to correct the wrong we witnessed last night. Pia needs to be reinstated due to a "questionable vote".  Hope this happens as the show is in big time trouble if it fails to act and act now.

  • Gazoo

    I , like all of America watching last night was shocked beyond belief.  First that Pia ended up in the bottom 3..and then was eliminated.  Ok…so she might ot have the stage prowess required by folks who have never even held a micorphone in their hand.  But please people, thay are all pretty new to performing to a crowd the size of America.  It 's all about development.  With her voice…America votes her off and leaves many less-than standards AI stars to move forward?  I question the vote as well.  I am (WAS) a huge AI fan…but after last ngiht I won't be sitting in front of the TV 5 minutes before show time.  Could care less if I ever have the time to sit and watch again.  AI lost 1/3 of it's comfy couch viewers for sure.  They need to fix what is wrong.  And yes, I agree the judges need to become JUDGES…not cheerleaders.  Pick it up Steven, Jennifer and Randy.  Would love to hear Simon's comments…..and saving Casey…are you kidding me?  Isn't a save for someone who FITS the AI bill?  The judges should have 25% of the vote…or why have them?  So they can look pretty and add filler instead of more commercials?  And Iggy Pop….are you serious?  The voting publis has no idea who this dried up old rocker even is?  he ruined his own song…..And could you put a shirt on?

  • http://AllHis Gin

    Pia is wonderful..too a lot of people, but, Think about it?? Shes not a rockin idol that america wants. Thats the way it is! Nothing personal

  • Steve

    I think I speak for most Americans who have struggled through the painstaking months of listening to those who try-out for Idol to get to the top 10.  Although I differ from many on the basic vote, it seems that most Americans are serious about their vote, and most people have a general idea who has talent.  I agree with the judges – I was angry last night and shocked to say the least.  It still bothers me today.  My first reaction was the placency of those who failed to vote were at fault.  I was a little ticked to read that possibly the teen-age girls are responsible for the vote.  Then, I thought about it.  No one is required to vote and the teen-age girls have just as much right as I do to make this decision.  Pia will be fine. She is already ahead of the game.  We will hear from her again, and probably in a big way.  As for the voting may I suggest a solution to the riotous results?  Each week we vote for who we want to win and many of us split our votes among several musicians.  The thrust of the show is to eliminate one person each week.  Why don't we change the voting to who we want to vote off each week.  I can tell you, Pia could still be in the competition. 

  • http://AllHis Gin

    ya! I think they need to change the system too! Leave it in the judges hands to vote off the next one that goes. They are a lot more qualified to do so. I have really enjoyed all the talent this time. I think it has been the most talented ,over all ,of all the shows since the beginning of american idol. I do think Scotty  has a real chance to take it this time. Not because I love country music..I like ,but. I think he has everything it takes to be  a winner already.  He can always inprove,but I most of the group,although they are good singers– I think they lack in presenting "the whole pkg.". Now a days,if your not  "a   notch above the average  performer" you won't make it. Too mush good talent in the world today! Thats my story!& I'm sticken to it!!!!!!!!!! gin

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