American Idol – The Shocking Results No One Saw Coming!

American Idol Results

American Idol has been making the news for a lot of the wrong reasons this week.  First Lazaro Arbos continues to drop quotes alleging everything from AI Producers playing favorites on song choice and sinking others with last minute key changes, then there is the fact that Idol is scheduled to run for one week longer than it should.  Oh and then there is the fact that last week’s results show was beat by a re-run of The Big Bang Theory.  Let’s not forget, yes there’s more, the not-so-top-secret plan to replace Mariah Carey with Jennifer Lopez that was allegedly floated around the American Idol brain trust.  I’m sure there is more out there, but we have some results to get to, so let’s move on.

So tonight’s results show followed a lackluster evening of performances from last night.  Jimmy Iovine gave the night to Angie but suggested she stay put at the piano.  During highlights Ryan Seacrest invited everyone but Kree Harrison to the center stage. Should we take this to mean the producers hate Kree now?  Maybe she’s just a slow walker.

The big bonus surprise of the night came when Ryan played a supposedly recorded message from Drake for Candice, but it turned out he was actually back stage.  Drake was a huge hit with the audience and after meeting with the girls he went to the judges table and took Keith’s seat next to Nicki, who as it turns out set up his visit.  Gotta say, Drake looked pretty good at the Judge’s table.  If American Idol was doing a little image test their, replace everybody to his left and I think you’ve got a good start.

Stefano showed up to do his new single named … I forgot.  Yeah it was that good.  Lee DeWyze, AKA one of American Idol’s least successful winners, also showed up to sing a song off his new album.  It was a very eclectic piece called “Silver Lining” — you certainly couldn’t call it predictably as the tempo and style was all over the map. I would liken it to Musical Vertigo.

Results, as they always do, came at the end of the hour.  The bottom two turned out to be, take a deep breath, Amber and Candice.  Everyone is in shock, and for good reason.  In terms of raw vocal power, it’s all in the bottom two this week.  So naturally Angie and Kree are the top two, this is good news for Kree who was in the bottom three last week.  When it came time to announce who was going home, Ryan Seacrest put at least one American Idol conspiracy theory to rest:  no one is going home this week.

Ryan explained that they always schedule an extra week anticipating the judge’s will use the save and since that didn’t happen they decided to give the top four a free pass this week.  Well, sort of. It turns out the votes from this week, all 38 Million of them, will be added to next week’s totals.  So as far as who would have left American Idol tonight, that is left a mystery.  Although, you have to consider that Amber has been in the bottom and Candice has not, so odds are it would have been Amber.

Personally I think this decision stinks.  Imagine all of the cool things American Idol could have done with that extra week.  Charlie Askew variety hour anyone?

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