American Idol’s Adam Lambert – The Chosen One?

9t2i6545A few seasons back, Chris Daughtry was pegged as the producers favorite on American Idol. Cynics pointed out that the level of ‘production’ on Daughtry’s sets made his competitors look like, well, talent show competitors walking onto a barren stage. At that same time, Daughtry seemed the preordained winner of American Idol – famously emoting his fans’ astonishment when he was incredulously eliminated. Could a similar fate be awaiting Adam Lambert? In this week’s competition, Lambert’s set seemed to reach the height of histrionics for American Idol – leaving the judges acting more like stunned teenie boppers than the professionals that they are.

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From his messiah like descent from the sunburst lit stairs, to his stoic and nearly un-phased absorption of the judges’ oozing praise, to his very shiny suit, Lambert was every bit the confident and capable competitor that Daughtry was. To be sure, it was Lambert’s performance that sealed the moment. All of the competitors performed well as singers, Lambert elevated the night to theatre. In more cynical circles, though, fans are again beginning to grumble that American Idol producers are attempting to shine a lot on their perceived favorite by giving him show stopping production and top of the card slots. Could he be heading for a Daughtry like fall – which isn’t much of a fall at all if you think of it – or is Lambert truly the Gilgamesh of American Idol’s eigth season, born to surf his destiny to the ultimate boon. Time will tell.

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