American Idol’s Top 40 Announced

Jon Lachonis February 15, 2013 0

American-Idol-1-30previewHollywood Week is over and American Idol fans now have their top 40.  The girl’s week was every bit a nail-biter as the boy’s and with the added twist of having slightly more than the 20 per side making it through and calling for a sudden death elimination, the tension could practically be cut with a knife when the Hollywood Week finale came to an end last night.  Of course the season is not officially off the ground until Vote For the Worst has chosen their first candidate.  Based on their recap of last night’s episode, though, it seems like the gonzo drummer chick Zoanette might have a shot.

Really in comparison to past seasons of American Idol, fewer whackos have made it through at this point. I would have loved for Kez Ban to make it through, and I think if she had taken the competition more seriously she would have.  She seemed more concerned with cementing a good 15 minutes of fame than trying to lay the foundation for a career, which is a pity because honestly—throw stones at me if you must—I think Kez Ban was one of the most original and stand out competitors of the season so far.  Kez Ban reminded us how range and the ability to execute runs flawlessly aren’t all there is to it.  To borrow from a former American Idol judge, Kez had a serious X-Factor.

As far as girls that emerged as probably or even likely to last until deep season, there were several more to emerge from ladies week than came out of the boys.  At one point during the episode they ran a promo stating how it had been six years since a girl had won American Idol.   Could this year change that trend?  Some analysts would say the trend is locked in by the show’s viewing demographics, and that Guy With Guitar will win until the viewing audience changes in composition.  In terms of talent though, I’d say from this early vantage point that the girls are poised to take the number one spot.

Of the many girls to make their presence known, 18 Year Old Angela Miller probably made the heaviest impact of the night with her original solo “You Set Me Free.” If you were to judge the competition from the judge’s reaction, she would have sealed the deal last night.  These are four pros who were legitimately blown away by every aspect of Miller’s performance right down to her song writing ability.  It was a moment that saw Miller arrive ready to be on the pop charts immediately.  Skip the contest, go directly to a recording contract.

The soulful and awesomely powerful Candice Glover has produced memorable performances ever since her audition and just seems to get better every time she steps up to a mic.  Country singer Janelle Arthur seems to be getting a little artificial push from the Idol producers.  The amount of screen time she is getting in contrast to her  actual vocal ability is disproportional.  She’s about as generic as you can get, but I suppose American Idol has to have its yearly country standout.

Here’s Your Idol Top 40


Melinda Ademi 19 Yonkers, NY

Janelle Arthur 23 Oliver Springs, TN

Juliana Chahayed 15 Woodland Hills, CA

Cristabel Clack 29 San Antonio, TX

Aubrey Cleland 19 West Linn, OR

Candice Glover 23 St. Helena Island, SC

Rachel Hale 21 Prescott, AR

Kree Harrison 22 Nashville, TN

Jett Hermano 25 Seattle, WA

Amber Holcomb 18 Houston, TX

Brandy Hotard 26 Port Allen, LA

Isabelle 22 Duluth, GA

Zoanette Johnson 20 Tulsa, OK

Adriana Latonio 17 Anchorage, AK

Angela Miller 18 Beverly, MA

Kamaria Ousley 29 Oakland, CA

Breanna Steer 18 Laplace, LA

Tenna Torres 28 Queens, NY

Shubha Vedula 17 Mt. Pleasant, MI

Jenny Beth Willis 17 Owensboro, KY

Top 20 guys include:

Lazaro Arbos 21 Naples, FL

Charlie Askew 17 Little Rock, AR

Nick Boddington 27 Memphis, TN

Curtis Finch Jr. 24 St. Louis, MO

Kevin Harris 28 Montgomery, AL

Josh Holiday 24 Celeste, TX

J’DA 27 Chicago, IL

Paul Jolley 22 Palmersville, TN

Johnny Keyser 24 Pompano Beach, FL

Elijah Liu 18 Rowland Heights, CA

Vincent Powell 29 Austin, TX

Cortez Shaw 21 Dallas, TX

Gurpreet Singh Sarin 22 North Potomac, MD

Jimmy Smith 25 Waynesboro, TN

Bryant Tadeo 23 Hilo, HI

Burnell Taylor 19 New Orleans, LA

Mathenee Treco 26 Aurora, CO

Devin Velez 18 Chicago, IL

Chris Watson 25 Fords, NJ

David Willis 21 Mount Dora, FL