Idol Recap—Three Become Two

Tonight on Idol two ladies advanced to the final.  Who were they?

Featuring performance by Alicia Keys and mature-looking Idol-alum Lauren Alaina, and a strangely sexual Mariah Carey music video debut, Idol felt packed with extras.

Ryan finally got down to business about ten minutes from the top of the hour.  The first person in the finale is….Candice!  Awesome!  Candice has been totally consistent all season.   She deserves this.

The person facing Candice in the final is….KREE!  Whoa!  I did not see that one coming.  I can’t say I’m disappointed.  All three ladies were deserving this year, which is unusual for Idol.

Angie sings us out with a tearful rendition of Colton Dixon’s “Never Gone.”  I’m crying.  She’s grown so much this season, and I can genuinely say that I’ll miss her.  All of the ladies hug on stage.  Sidenote: I love when women are supportive of each other, and this top three really exemplifies that.  Good luck, lady friend!

Were you shocked by tonight’s results?  Who deserves to win?


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