America’s Got Talent: Final Top Five Revealed. Judges Read Tweets.

America's Got Talent

The nail-biting returns as the final eleven acts become five on tonight’s America’s Got Talent. The acts have given all that they had to ensure a spot in the finals. Will your favorites survive or will it be the end of their journey?

The hour began with the reveal of the bottom three. Sherlock 2.0 Colin Cloud once again finds himself in danger of going home. Singer Kechi and dance group Diavolo also find themselves in the bottom three. All three acts were amazing last night, so it is shocking to see them in this situation. Kechi ended up getting the Dunkin’ Save and Diavolo got the judges’ save which means that Colin Cloud will leave the competition. Guess he won’t be performing with Neil Patrick Harris in the finals after all.

Angelica Hale was the first to be voted through. I am happy for the young singer, but she has a tough road ahead. Deaf singer/songwriter Mandy Harvey managed to get through to the finals. I had a feeling that she would be able to move on to the final round. Her vocals were beyond awesome, and I applaud her for being able to sing an original song which can be tough to do in a competition such as AGT or The Voice and American Idol. Techno dance group Light Balance edged out In The Stairwell as the former earned a spot in the finals. I loved Light Balance’s performance last night, and there is a chance that they might be able to win it all.

The show then took a lighter turn as Tyra interviewed a group of children about the show. The model/host then asked the kids what they would say to Simon. Before the kids could answer, the man himself came in. Talk about a sneaky surprise. A little boy then told the judge that he should be nicer to the younger acts, which he’s already doing, but it never hurts to remind him. I also liked the “America’s Got Tweets” segment of the episode where the judges read nice and mean tweets from viewers. I rolled my eyes in amusement when Howie said that it’s creepy to have Simon kiss him on the cheek.

Acro-cabaret variety show Absinthe graced the AGT stage and entertained with a medley of performances. From acrobatics to juggling, there’s never a dull moment with them. If I had one bone to pick, it would be the introduction video for Absinthe. There’s something about it that irks me a little. Anyway, good luck to all the acts that have made it to the finals!

Final Top Five

Kechi (Dunkin’ Save)

Diavolo (judges’ save)

Mandy Harvey

Light Balance

Angelica Hale

Photo via NBC

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